Healthcare service providers keep us healthy above all else. The Healthcare field is increasing as the overall population across the world grows. Here is a list of top 10 healthcare jobs that any aspiring healthcare workers should look at. 



Dentists are concerned with making sure their patients have good oral health. The career involves examining oral health, teeth extraction, filling cavities, and fitting dentures, among other services. Dentists work with dental hygienists who help patients maintain clean teeth and dental assistants who assist in record keeping.

The dentist average is $151,850 annually.



The job of a physician is to diagnose their patients’ overall health. This includes taking note of medical history, treating any issues, and prescribing appropriate drugs. This is usually the first healthcare professional someone sees when they experience health complications.

The average annual pay is $208,000.


Physician Assistant

PAs are medical professionals who mostly work under the direction of a physician. A physician assistant is also able to diagnose patients and plan for their treatments. They’re also available as assistants to surgeons during operations. There is an increasing number of physician assistants as their services prove to be vital in the betterment of human healthcare. 

The annual average salary is $108,610.



An orthodontist career has a close similarity with that of a dentist. However, an orthodontist looks at the dental alignment of their patients and jaw complications.

Annual average pay is $208,000.


Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners have more skills and educational background than normal nurses. Their extra knowledge makes them suitable for conducting a physical examination on their patients, taking a medical history, and recommending treatments. This type of nurse can analyze laboratory results, prescribe medication, and execute minor surgeries.

The average annual pay is $113,930.



Pharmacists dispense prescriptions as per the physician’s directions. They also advise their patients on how to consume their medications safely. A pharmacist can also administer immunizations.

Annual average pay is $122,230.



An optometrist treats visual and eye problems. Whether it is a disease or injury to the eye, they will take care of it. They also provide prescriptions for glasses and contacts.

Their annual average pay is $106,140.


Physical Therapist

A physical therapist’s primary role is to help patients recover their physical fitness after an accident or those suffering from aging. They help build strength and motor function back in the impacted areas. 

Their annual pay is $79,860.



A gynecologist ensures that their patients have good reproductive health. Their services are essential to those who develop complications during childbirth.

Their average pay is $208,000.

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