If you’re looking for ways to maximize your workday and get more done, read on to get our top three tips for better budgeting your time as a business professional.


Tip #1: Make a Plan for Quick vs. Deep Work

Everyone has different preferences, and understanding yours is key to being more productive. Your workday should include intervals for easy work that can be done quickly, deep work that requires more concentration and leisurely time to rest and recharge. Order your day by when you are most productive doing each of these. For example, some people like to start their day by going through emails. Block 1-2 hours and triage your inbox. Spend the next three hours on deep work that requires more focus. Finish your day with a break for a snack or walk around the office to refresh your mind, creativity and clarity.


Tip #2: Take a Break

Taking a break during the day will give you a boost, especially when you have a challenging project or workday at hand. Use that leisure time to go to lunch, sit at a park, exercise, nap in your car or have a friendly, non-work conversation with a colleague. You may feel like you are wasting time, but this will help you become more focused and productive. Workers who do this regularly also report boosts to their overall physical and mental health.


Tip #3: Don’t Isolate Yourself

In a world where remote work is even more prevalent, you have to make sure you stay focused and don’t get distracted by life. Many people can be very productive at home, but that’s when they are given flexibility with their hours to handle personal business when they need to. Many people who work remotely find it a very isolating experience over time, so make sure you connect with your colleagues. This allows for a robust idea generation process and will enable you to humanize your work experience, leading to inspiration, motivation and productivity in the process.


Ready to Get Started?

Try these three tips to better budget your time when you start your next workday and see if they help. Over time, you’ll develop better habits and become faster at work.



Anthony Kopiecki