There’s a reason doctors, nutritionists, and personal fitness trainers recommend plant-based diets. The nutrients and fiber that vegetables, fruits, and whole grains provide are essential to the body’s healthy functioning. This guide looks at a few ways that the foods you eat will determine your health.


The Dangers of Too Much Sodium

The consumption of salt or sodium is one of the biggest dangers in a western diet because it adversely affects the heart’s function. More than 500 mg of sodium per day will cause greater water retention, which dilutes the blood and causes it to pump faster through the body. As a result, the heart has to work faster to send oxygenated blood to the brain and other organs. This increases your risks of heart attack and stroke.


Trans Fat is Another Danger

Trans fat has a hazardous effect on cardiovascular health as well. Instead of thinning the blood, trans fat affects the arteries by causing a buildup of plaque. This prevents efficient blood flow, which means the heart, brain, and other organs aren’t processing enough blood to function normally. A blockage can cause an irregular heartbeat, heart failure, or a stroke.


Choose Foods High in Fiber

There are plenty of natural fiber sources, and you should eat those foods as frequently as possible. Some of these foods include apples, beans, lentils, most fruits, and whole grains. Fiber is especially helpful in regulating appetite, allowing an overweight person to lose more weight. Fiber takes longer for your body to digest, so you’ll feel full for a more extended time. Combined with the low calories in natural foods, this will result in more effective workouts.


Choose Meats Carefully

You should also avoid processed meats to maintain better health. Processed foods, such as hot dogs, sausage, and ground beef, go through a manufacturing process that involves adding chemical compounds as preservatives. While these additives improve the meat’s taste and appearance, they have also been found to increase cancer risks. It’s best to choose lean cut red meat, poultry, or naturally caught fish.


While you should regularly follow a plant-based diet, don’t feel bad about slipping up once in a while. Having a piece of cake at your friend’s wedding is okay as long as you normally choose healthier foods. This will lead to better physical and emotional health, so you can enjoy a good quality of life for longer.