One of the most challenging aspects of working in the medical field is not having patients share all their information with their doctors. Some exclude it because they feel like they’re going to be judged. No matter the reason, lack of patient engagement is harmful to the overall process of healing the person. Therefore, the following list includes a variety of ways healthcare providers can improve on increasing their patient engagement.


Keep it Simple

Almost every industry in the country has its own jargon, and the medical field is no exception. However, this medical jargon, no matter how “official” it is should be used while speaking to the patient. Not only does it increase their stress, but it also confuses them, which leads to holding back valuable information that can be used to treat them. This same concept applies when you are writing or providing literature to the patient.


Get the Patient Involved

As their doctor, you should be the person crafting their recovery plan, but this does not mean you should leave them out of the total equation. The best way to accomplish this is to allow patients to craft their goals. This is an excellent route to take as patients are more likely to reach a goal set by themselves rather than something they are being forced to do.


Add Accountability

It can be very difficult for a patient and doctor to understand how well treatment is working if nothing is being recorded. Therefore, it is recommended that patients record their experiences throughout the process. This can show them how they have improved and how far they need to go, thus increasing engagement. This leads to more engagement from the patient regarding their care.


Go Digital

Throughout the year, innovation in technology has allowed medical facilities to place most of their patient records online. Allowing patients to access their medical records via an online portal can make it easier for them to understand their health. They can take the necessary steps to research options and have something to speak about when they visit your office. Without this feature, it will no doubt take a longer amount of time to get on the same page.