As it is in real estate, starting a small business is all about “location, location, location.” Choosing where to start your business is about more than just where you want to live; it’s also about the taxes you’ll pay, the laws that will help or hinder your business, and of course, the cost of starting it in the first place. But if you plan on staying in the United States, here are the best cities in the country to start a small business.


San Francisco, California

The beautiful bay area of California is home to many startups, and the city has made an effort to support them. They set aside funds to help small businesses and even created an online portal to help them help themselves. The culture is diverse, and the weather is beautiful year-round, but that also means the cost of a home here is high. Higher than any other city on the list. Still, if the high cost of living doesn’t daunt you, there are few cities more supportive of your business than San Francisco.


Austin, Texas

Austin is a city on the rise and a bohemian paradise with a decent cost of living amidst a booming art scene and great local food. If you have a quirky idea, you can help Keep Austin Weird by moving your business to this great central Texas city.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Twin Cities are a hub for big companies, but they’re also friendly to small businesses. There’s food trucks, self-service pet grooming, local breweries, and a build-your-own-bike shop. If you have a creative business idea, the people of Minneapolis want to give you a chance. 


San Jose, California

San Jose is the epicenter of Silicon Valley, bordered by industry giants such as Google and Facebook. But even if you’re not looking to start a new tech company, you can open a coffee shop or restaurant that the many tech employees would want to frequent. Unfortunately, like San Francisco, the cost of a home is high, but that’s the price you pay to be so close to giants.


Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is home to both a youthful, college-educated population and affordable homes. These two things go great together because these young, educated people have more money to spend on you and your business, making Columbus a great city to bring your small business.

Anthony Kopiecki